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About US

Empowering Beauty Innovation

Revolutionizing Henna and Nail Care, Visionary Leadership, and Entrepreneurial Empowerment
1. Introduction: Pioneer of Modern Henna
Established in 2019, Inai Republic is the pioneer of modern henna in the world. Our core focus encompasses the innovation of nail henna, dip henna, and nail care products, all designed with meticulous attention to detail. We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality, safety, and ablution-friendly henna-based and nail care solutions, aimed at enhancing the confidence and life satisfaction of Muslim women. At the heart of our operations lies our in-house production facility, ensuring uncompromised quality control.
2. Leadership and Entrepreneurial Impact
Led by the visionary leadership of Puan Nur Liyana Farahin, widely recognized as Syarifah Furaiha, we benefit from her extensive 12-year experience in the business world. Her remarkable track record includes the establishment of more than 5 brands and numerous ventures across various industries. Most notably, she has empowered over 40,000 entrepreneurs and agents, elevating countless individuals from all walks of life to the status of millionaires.
3. Vision and Objectives
Inai Republic's vision is to become the global leader in the henna and beauty industry. Our objective is to transform, educate, and inspire the lives of women, facilitating positive changes in their financial, mindset, spiritual, and knowledge aspects.
4. Philanthropy and Empowerment
Inai Republic isn't just a company; it's a beacon of empowerment, driven by a philanthropic spirit, and a testament to the transformative power of entrepreneurship under the visionary guidance of its founder.
5. Holistic Transformation and Impact
Inai Republic's holistic approach aims at not only providing beauty solutions but also fostering positive changes in women's lives. Through a blend of visionary leadership, entrepreneurship, and a commitment to philanthropy, we aspire to empower women globally, impacting their financial, mental, spiritual, and educational dimensions, thereby transforming their lives for the better.


Menjadi pemimpin jenama terkemuka dalam industri Inai dan kecantikan global, memberdayakan impian dan meninggalkan warisan positif untuk masa depan yang lebih baik.


Memperkasakan jutaan orang dengan kecantikan kuku yang lebih sihat sambil memupuk kestabilan kewangan, keyakinan diri, dan mendekati nilai-nilai Nabi Muhammad SAW.

Core Values

Continuous Learning

We foster a culture of continuous learning, where knowledge is valued, and personal growth is encouraged.

Hassle-Free Experience

We aim to achieve excellence in everything that we do. Our commitment is to consistently surpass expectations, delivering exceptional results.

Empowering Others

We are dedicated to making a positive impact by extending a helping hand, supporting, and empowering others.

Syarifah Furaiha

Founder & CEO of Furaiha Legacy Sdn Bhd (Inai Republic)

Meet Syarifah Furaiha, the visionary force behind Inai Republic, a trailblazing Malaysian brand revolutionizing henna and nail care. Initially on the path of medicine, Syarifah redirected her journey to entrepreneurship, driven by an unwavering belief in lifelong learning and a dedication to empower women globally. Armed with a rich background from Moscow and al-Azhar University, she augmented her knowledge with an MBA in entrepreneurship from a prestigious institution.

Global Brand Impact:

Under Syarifah Furaiha's guidance, Inai Republic has swiftly ascended to become a household name in Malaysia and expanded its footprint across 13 countries, emphasizing its remarkable global reach and influence.

Women's Empowerment Advocate:

Syarifah is a vocal advocate for women's empowerment and entrepreneurship. Her active participation in events, media features, and mentoring initiatives underscores her commitment to empowering aspiring female entrepreneurs.

Mentorship and Growth

Mentored by Asia's leading business and leadership figure, Datuk Wira Dr. Azizan Osman, she embodies a commitment to continuous growth, leadership development, and fostering a culture of learning within Inai Republic.

Ustaz Azam Azhary

Co-Founder of Furaiha Legacy Sdn Bhd (Inai Republic)

He is a graduate of the Faculty of Islamic Studies, University of Al-Azhar, Cairo. He is also a religious teacher, and uses his platform to educate people about Islam and its teachings. Among his main roles:

  • Mentoring agents on leadership, communication, marketing, copywriting, business direction, religious and spiritual aspects.

  • Supervising Inai Republic to ensure that it complies with halal and religious rules.

  • Developing marketing and branding materials that highlight the importance and awareness of Inai Republic's products and services.


Inai Republic empower women, promote henna, make a positive impact, and revive sunnah.

We believe that henna is a powerful tool for women to express themselves and build their businesses. We provide resources and support to help women succeed with the platform of Inai Republic.

We also believe that henna is a natural and halal beauty product. We provide high-quality, affordable henna products that are safe and natural.

We believe that businesses have a responsibility to give back to the community. We support various charitable causes, including those that promote education, health, and women's empowerment.

We believe that reviving sunnah is important for Muslims. Henna is a sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. We are committed to promoting the benefits of henna and helping people to learn more about it.


Founder Inai republic

  • The Brandlaureate Award on Best Henna 2021
  • Britishpedia Top Successful People in Malaysia 2022
  • Nona Superwoman Award - Best Halal Henna 2022
  • Malaysia Best Business Award 2022
Inai Republic diiktiraf sebagai perintis Inai moden di dunia, mempamerkan inovasi mereka dalam industri ini.
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